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This is The Scenery Shop

This week:

Meet Beth, the owner of this popping gift shop with a café counter on Strijp-S. She fell in love with the district during DDW, and now she’s part of a new community!

Hi there!

She once had a fashion and accessory brand called The Scenery Label; now, she sells all kinds of products by designers and illustrators worldwide at The Scenery Shop.

From label to shop

This worldly hodgepodge requires careful selection, which Beth is great at. Unique, playful, colorful. You primarily come across exclusive products here. Also designed by local creatives!

Limited edition, please!

From Japan to Sweden to Eindhoven: As the design capital of Northern Europe, a collab with local designers (and artists!) is a must. Check out the works of Katinka Feijs, Alice Shiavone, and Erwin Thomasse.

Local designs

An example of another collaboration is the one with the art school SintLucas. The result of which you will soon be able to admire. It doesn't get more local than this!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Beth is already making delicious coffee and tea, but soon you will (hopefully) be able to sit down and follow workshops. Just a bit of patience! Fortunately, coffee-to-go never dissapoints ;)

Coffee, anyone?

The red arrow is in front of The Scenery Shop, Leidingstraat 6. That means you get discount: show this page and get a free cup of coffee or tea!


Discount Strijp-S

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